Норвегия. Карты 1:50000



Type: Topographical map

Format: JPEG

Coordinate system: UTM Zone 32

Resolution: 5 m/pixel

Year: 2008


This is N50, a detailed topographical map of mainland Norway (excluding Svalbard and Jan Mayen). It has all streets and trails marked.

To provide one single map all of Norway has been projected into the coordinate system for UTM Zone 32, although some parts should be in other zones. This may cause some slight distortion in the easternmost parts of the map.

If you are planning a hike in the mountains, remember that although mountains and lakes often stay at the same place huts and trail markers can be moved or removed - always bring a recent map!

Карты потребовали перепривязки, сделано лишь для 73 карт из 1112 имеющихся. Здесь приведены только отдельные фрагменты карт (красные прямоугольники, кликайте), для ключевых районов велопохода по Норвегии 2010 г.

The image map. Choose a red contours 3 borders. Click here Skibotn. Click here Hatteng. Click here Nordkjosbotn. Click here Seljelvnes. Click here Slettmo. Click here Tomasjordnes. Click here Laksvatn. Click here Lavangselva. Click here Sørbotn. Click here Nordbotn. Click here Lauksletta. Click here Sandvik. Click here Nordberg. Click here Kaldsletta. Click here Tromsø. Click here Nordfjordbotn. Click here Brensholmen. Click here Ersfjord. Click here Trollpark. Click here Hamn. Click here Gryllefjord. Click here Andenes. Click here Sortland. Click here Holand. Click here Stokmarknes. Click here Melbu. Click here Svolvær. Click here Kabelvåg. Click here Borge. Click here Leknes. Click here Moskenes. Click here Bodø. Click here Saltstraumen. Click here Misvær. Click here Rognan. Click here Sundby. Click here Drageid. Click here Røkland. Click here Nordnes - Russånes. Click here Bleiknes. Click here Storjord. Click here Junkerdal. Click here Graddis. Click here
3 границы (N-F-Sw) Skibotn Hatteng Nordkjosbotn Seljelvnes
Slettmo Tomasjordnes Laksvatn Lavangselva Sørbotn
Nordbotn Lauksletta Sandvik Nordberg Kaldsletta
Tromsø Tromsø (центр) Tromsø (север) Nordfjordbotn Brensholmen
Ersfjord Trollpark Hamn Gryllefjord Andenes
Sortland Holand Stokmarknes Melbu Svolvær
Kabelvåg Borge Leknes Moskenes Bodø
Saltstraumen Misvær Rognan Sundby Drageid
Røkland Nordnes - Russånes Bleiknes Storjord Junkerdal

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Created by Vlad Vasiliev on 3 Sep 2010
Last modified on 16 Jan 2011

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